GODAN: The Road Ahead

When: 26-27 July 2018
Where: London, United Kingdom

7pm-9pm, Thursday, 26th July:
Welcome Reception at The Hilton London Euston

17-18 Upper Woburn Pl, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 0HT

8:30am – 6:00pm, Friday, 27th July:
High-Level Meeting at BMA House

Tavistock Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 9JP

The Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) Secretariat invites you to a high-level meeting to discuss GODAN’s achievements and impact to date, and to co-create a strategy for GODAN’s future.

GODAN was designed as a 5 year initiative to promote the proactive sharing of open data to make information about agriculture and nutrition available, accessible and usable globally. To date we have built a robust global network. We have convened major events including our Global Summit in 2016, developed major opinion forming policy research on data rights, encouraged and supported policy change together with our partners to make open data publications and use increasingly the norm.

Now in its fourth year and with over 700 partners, donors have committed to funding GODAN and its Secretariat through 2019. Apart from highlighting the initiative’s key successes, this two-day event will provide participating organisations with an opportunity to commit to supporting GODAN’s work beyond 2019.

Attendees will discuss and define GODAN’s future together. They will identify key action priorities, as well as resources required to achieve them. This will be a great time for organisations to commit to supporting further achievements in advancing the use of open data for agriculture and nutrition to help attain food security.

Accommodation Options:

As July is a peak tourist season, we encourage you to book your hotel room as soon as possible. There are several good hotels in the vicinity of BMA House, including:

The Hilton London Euston – the venue for the Welcome Cocktail held at 7:00pm, on the 26th July
The Ambassadors
The Pullman

Schedule of Events:

The event will begin with a Welcome Cocktail at 7:00pm, Thursday, 26th at The Hilton London Euston.

This will be followed by a full working day from 8:30am, Friday 27th with a working lunch, at BMA House.

In light of the importance of these exclusive discussions, attendance will be limited to GODAN partners who are prepared to explore their provision of expertise, funding and resources for GODAN’s next level of operation, with the possibility of joining its Executive Board.

While there will be no fee charged to attend the event, participants are expected to make arrangements for their own flights and hotel reservations.

Letters of invitation will be available upon request.

Important Information

This event is open to GODAN partners only. If you have not joined yet and wish to participate, please do so at: www.godan.info/partners

Due to event space limitations, we ask that each GODAN partner limit the number of representatives in attendance to no more than 2 persons per partner organization. Each attendee is required to register.

Registration will close on June 29 or when capacity is reached. Space is limited, early registration is encouraged.

To register/confirm your attendance please follow this link